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CLASSICAL REFRENCE  :- Rasendrasarasangraha-Rasayanavajikaranadhikara.


Each tablet of 300 mg. contains

Kajjali (Black sulphide of mercury)-33.33 mg., Abhraka bhasma (Calcined mica)-66.66mg., Karpur (Camphor), Javitri (Myristica fragrans), Jaiphala (Myristica fragrans), Vidharamool (Argyreia speciosa), Dhatur beej (Dhatura stramonium linn.), Bhang beej (Cannabis sativus), Vidarikand (Pueraria tuberosa), Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus), Bala (Sida cordifolia), Atibala (Abutilon indicum), Gokshuru (Tribulus terrestris), Samudraphala (Seeds of Argyreia speciosa)-16.66 mg. (each of the above ingredients).


  1. Calculate the quantity of the drugs mentioned under LAKSHMI VILAS RASA (NARDEEYA) in AFI-I (20:39) and as per in the master formulary record mentioned for the required batch and quantity.
  2. Accurately weigh the tested drugs from the raw material store,clean them and then pass through 20 and 30 mesh to discard foreign materials. Now  again weigh the drugs and adjust  their weight loss according to master formula.
  3. Clean the Pulveriser as per SCP (Standard Cleaning Procedure).
  4. Coarsely powder  the drugs of the above mentioned Yog.
  5. Coarsely powdered drugs are then shifted in the mixture machine and freshly prepared tambula patra svarasa is added in the mixture and grounded well.
  6. Kajli prepared from shuddha parada and gandhak, abhrak bhasam and camphor mentioned in the Yog in the required quantity are  then  added in the mixture machine and grounded well.
  7. When the homogenous mixture of the above ingredients is made it is  then taken out of the mixing machine and allowed to dry in a transparent tray. When the mixture is dried it is transferred to granulator machine for the preparation of granules. These  granules are then subjected to punching machine to get the required weight and quantity of the tablets.
  8. Take  a sample for testing and after testing the batch, the tablets are released for packing.
  9. Seal and label  the tablets in well cleaned plastic bottles as per  GMP  mentioned  in D & C Act 1940 and the rules made there under.


a.)Colour:- Black          

b.)Taste:- Bitter             

c.)Smell:- No  specific  odour                

DOSE  :-  

1 to 2 tablets or as directed by the physician.


Useful in acute and chronic cough and cold rhinitis, asthma, tuberculosis and all other diseases related to eyes, ears, nose and throat. Also useful in abdominal disorders, diabetes, tissue wasting, sinus, filariasis, hernia, chronic diarrhoea and rheumatism.

ANUPAN  :-  

To be taken twice in a day with water,  milk, honey or tambula swarasa (juice of beetle leaves) or as directed by the physician.

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