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NAME OF MEDICINE :- Gomutra Arka

INDICATIONS :- Kasa (Cough), Shopha (Odema), Pandu (Anaemia), Shwasa (Bronchities), Kapha Roga (Obesity), Medhaya (Brain Tonic), Kushtha (Skin Diseases), Netra Rog (Eye Diseases), Vata Rog (Nerve Disorders), Mukh Rog (Nerve Diseases).

DOSAGE :- 10 to 15 ml after meal with equal quantity of water 2 to 3 times a day or as directed by Physician


  1. Calculated the quantity of the drug mentioned under Gomutra Arka and as per mentioned in the master formulary record for the required batch and quantity.
  2. Accurately weighed the tested Gomutra from the raw material store.
  3. The Goumutra is poured in S/S vessel and is kept on the bhatti under intense fire. The mouth of the s/s vessel is covered with one side of the steel distillation apparatus tightly. The other side of the apparatus is kept open and is S/S vessel is placed under it to collect the distillate. The working of the steam distillation apparatus as per rule is operated continuously till the whole of the Goumutra is converted into distillate. The distillate is than sieved through in musslin cloth and class-II preservative is added to avoid any fungal infection.
  4. With drew the sample for testing and after testing the batch is released for packing.
  5. Sealed and labeled the Arka in well cleaned plastic bottles which are already clean as per their SCP (Standard Cleansing Procedure).