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NAME OF MEDICINE :- Shigru Capsule

CLASSICAL REFRENCE :- Patent Ayurvedic Medicine


Each capsule contains: Shigru churan (Moringa Oleifera) 500mg


  1. Calculate the quantity of the drugs mentioned under Capsule SHIGRU as mentioned in the master formulary record of Pharmacy for the required batch & quantity.
  2. Accurately weigh the drugs according to the batch from the raw material store and clean them to discard any foreign material. Again weigh the drugs and adjust their weight loss.
  3. Clean the pulveriser as per SCP (Standard Cleansing Procedure).
  4. Coarsely powder the drugs mentioned in the Yog and sieve them from the Sieve No.100 which should be cleaned as per their SCP (Standard Cleansing Procedure).
  5. Weigh the drugs individually as per master formula and mixed them in mass mixture for about 30 minutes.
  6. Take a sample for testing and after testing the batch is released for processing.
  7. Weigh the powder accurately and fill the empty gelatin capsules with the powder in capsule filling machine which was cleaned as per its SCP (Standard Cleansing Process). During the process temperature and related humidity is maintained as specified with the help of dehumiditifier and air-conditioner.
  8. Weigh the capsules for its accurate weight after five minute’s interval. Polish the capsules with clean cloth to remove powder particles.
  9. Take a sample for test and after testing, released the batch for packing.
  10. Pack  the capsules as per  GMP mentioned in D & C Act 1940 and the rules made there under.


a.)Colour:-Brick Red   


c.)Smell:-Herbal Fragrance              

DOSE :-  

One-Two capsule twice in a day with water  or as directed by the physician.       


Geriatric tonic, provides strength and vigour, removes fatigue and restlessness, Improves working capabilities and promotes growth

ANUPAN  :-            

To be taken with lukewarm  milk or as directed by the physician.

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