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DAV Honey Chyavanprash

DAV Honey Chyavanprash

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NAME OF MEDICINE :- DAV  Honey  Chyavanprash

CLASSICAL REFRENCE :- Patent Ayurvedic Medicine


DAV's Honey Chyavanprash Awaleha contains : Dashmool-1%., Ashtavarga- 1%, Brihati, Kantkari, Karkatasringi, Bhumi-Amla, Bala, Mudgaparni, Mashparni, Jeevanti, Pushkarmool, Haritki, Agru Guduchi, Kachur, Rakta chandan, Brihat Ela, Mustak, Punarnava, Neel kamal, Vasak, Kaknasha, Draksha, Netrabala, Varahi Kand, Ashwagandha, Shatavari, Vidhari Kand (2% of all above ingredients) Amla Pishthi roasted in Cow's Ghee & Til Taila (30%), Pure Honey (65%), Banshlochan, Akarkara, Nagkesar, Dalchini, Tejpatra, Lavang, Eliachi (0.5%), Pipali (0.5%),  Enriched with Kesar.


  1. Calculate the quantity of the drugs mentioned under CHYAVANPRASH AVLEH in AFI-I (3:1) for the required batch and quantity.
  2. Accurately weigh  the tested drugs from the raw material store , clean  them properly to exclude physical impurities/discard foreign materials. Again weigh  the drugs and adjust  their weight loss according to the master formula.
  3. Clean the pulveriser as per SCP (Standard Cleansing Procedure).
  4. Coarsely powder the drugs which are required in the Yog and sieve from the sieve (No.100).
  5. Fresh kasaya is prepared from the above mentioned coarsely powdered drugs. It is boiled and filtered through a muslin cloth. Add Amla Pithi in the kashaya and again heat till the concentration of avleh is achieved.
  6. Then properly sieve and collect in an iron vessel.
  7. Add coarsely powdered and properly sieved redeemed drugs (Prakshep dravyas) mentioned in the Formulary Yog the avleha. Pour the Honey mentioned in the Yog into the avleha on cooling and stir well.
  8. A sample testing and after testing the batch, the avleh is released for packing.
  9. Seal and label the avleh in the well cleaned plastic bottles which are already cleaned as per their SCP (Standard Cleansing Procedure).


a.)Colour:- Dark Brown         


c.)Smell:- Herbal Fragrance             

d.)Consistency:- Paste like consistency


DOSE :-           

One Teaspoonful  twice a day.


 General tonic for vigour and vitality, restorative, mild expectorant, tissue builder, improves resistance against respiratory infections, rich in calcium, phosphorus, Vitamin-C, and Proteins.

ANUPAN  :-           

To be taken with milk or as jam on toast twice a day.

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